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She was Japan's first #metoo

Shiori Ito put everything at stake when she accused a high-profile TV newsman of raping her. She was hated and stood alone in a country where nobody wants to talk about sex crimes. 

Published in DN (Sweden's biggest daily newspaper) 

Text: Hanna Aqvilin

Published in Dec 2017

The world's most isolated place 

The Polynesian Easter Island has little to do with the holiday besides the origins of the name we've come to call it today, but the location offers a fascinating history and attractions that are worth a visit all on their own.

Known as Rapa Nui to its earliest inhabitants, the tiny island is located more than 2,200 miles east of Chile in the Pacific Ocean and is known as the world’s most remote inhabited island

Published in DI (Sweden's prominent Financial newspaper) 

Text and Photo: Hanna Aqvilin

Published in 2015


Sailing around Cape Horn

A sailing adventure for a non-sailor. Despite that I had never been on a sailing boat before, I jumped onboard this 60 feet long beast and spent two months in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Horn is commonly called A sailor's Mount Everest. Gulp.


Travel report, published in Escape, Swedish travel magazine.

Text & Photo: Hanna Aqvilin​​


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