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ROLE: Director, producer and editor

'Fay Presto: Queen of Close-up' is a portrait documentary about the legendary Fay Presto; the UK’s most in-demand close-up and cabaret magician who would rather die on stage than quit performing. Influencing hundreds of magicians and making way for women in the magic world, Fay’s humour and brilliance has led her to perform for the Queen on six separate occasions as well as doing private magic shows in countless of celebrities’ homes. 

This short documentary reflects on Fay’s everyday life as a magician and, at age 70, an older woman in a youth-obsessed entertainment industry. It touches upon gender roles and ageing, shows the struggle of earning a living as a performer, and, through her memories, gives us a glimpse into the glamorous days of the London 80s



Glasgow Short Film Festival 2018

Glasgow Short Film Festival, the largest competitive short film festival in Scotland

Fastnet Film Festival, Cork, Ireland 

• WINNER Best Documentary 2017

Iris Prize Festival, Cardiff

BAFTA-recognised festival and the world's biggest LGBT festival • Shortlisted for BEST BRITISH SHORT

The Learning on Screen Awards 2017, London - BFI Southbank

• AWARD Special Commendation in BEST DOCUMENTARY 2017

Women over 50 film festival, Brighton - Picture House

• AWARD Special Commendation in BEST DOCUMENTARY 2017


Best British Shorts, Berlin

British Short Film Festival 2018 


BFI Flare 2018, London

UK Industry Selection of the BFI Flare Digital Viewing Library

Bertha DocHouse Curzon Cinema, London - Curzion Cinema

Underwire Film Festival, London - BFI Southbank

BAFTA-recognised festival • Nominated BEST EDITOR


Melbourne Queer Festival 2018, Australia 

120 curated LGBTIQ-themed features, shorts and documentaries from Australia and the world

Fringe Film Festival, London - Hackney Showroom

Annual queer film and arts festival Fringe

British Documentary film festival, London 


Shortsighted Cinema, London - Rich Mix Cinema

Recognised as home for British Short Films •  Q&A with me and my contributor Fay Presto on stage. 

LoveCamden, London


Leeds Queer Film Festival, UK


Liverpool Pride Festival 2017, UK

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